Hemp Dog Treats

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Hemp Dog Treats

$34.99 $23.95 Save 32%
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Key Features

  • 100% Pure Terpene-Rich Hemp Extract
  • Third-Party Lab Tested Certificate of Analysis
  • Non-GMO, ECO-Friendly
  • Grain-Free, Preservative-Free, & Gluten-Free
  • Delicious Flavors Dogs Love:
  • 🧀 Steak & Cheese,
  • 🥓 Maple Bacon & Berries (Cranberry and Blueberry)


Steak & Cheddar:

Organic Hemp Extract, Organic Coconut Oil, Garbanzo Bean Flour, Apple Juice, Natural Beef Flavor, Eggs, Cheddar Cheese, Flaxseed Oil, and Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E)

Maple Bacon & Berries:

Organic Hemp Extract, Chickpea Flour, Flaxseed, Pork, Molasses, Potato Flour, Coconut Oil, Tapioca Starch, Cranberries, Blueberries, and Natural Maple Bacon Flavor


Recommended Dosage:

Dogs under 20lbs (9kg): ½ treat every 6 to 8 hours

21-55lbs (9-25kg): 1 treat every 6 to 8 hours

Over 55lbs (26kg): 1 to 2 treats every 6 to 8 hours

For the first week or so, it may take 24-48 hours before you see results, and in extremely rare cases a week before full desired results are achieved. With regular use, the majority of pets will experience relief within 1-2 hours after administering.

It's recommended to start on the low-end of the dosage spectrum — feel free to split the treat up if needed. For less work and a more accurate dose, check out Soft Hemp Chews that are half the dosage at 2mg. Our Dosage Calculator will help you determine the appropriate dose for your pet.

Dosage Conversion

1 treat equals 4 mg

1/2 treat equals 2 mg

Common Methods for Administering Hemp Treats to Dogs:

Call them over, tell them they're a good boy or girl, and hand them the treat.

Unfortunately, the FDA has only just now approved the first hemp product despite an already large and growing number of people and pets who have had great success with it. Because of this, we are not allowed to imply that phytocannabinoid products have any medical benefits.

But the 1st Amendment protects our right to share with you stories and experiences of phytocannabinoid products helping our pets and others. As well, we share with you the more than 1500 studies regarding phytocannabinoids effectiveness. As well, you can find the World Health Organization's official statement under FAQ - CRITICS.


Why is your product cheaper than other companies?

We're proud of our close relationship with private family-owned farms, and we are able to buy large volumes due to us having our own manufacturing facility. This cuts out several middlemen that often jack the price of the product up. We want to give you the most affordable, but the highest-quality product, so we stay in-house whenever we can.

What's the difference between Hemp Treats, Hemp Chews, and PurHemp Oil?

All of our hemp products use the same organic hemp extract. The hemp extract will then be mixed with the required carrier oil — this gives you our PurHemp oil and capsules.

The Hemp Treats go through an additional step where the hemp extract is again mixed with a carrier oil and the best all-natural ingredients to give you these tasty treats. The difference between Hemp Treats and Chews is the dosage — 4 mg vs. 2 mg — and flavor options available.

Does it contain pesticides?

Our products are 100% free of pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. We're are extremely careful and only source from 100% organic farms. And just to make sure pesticides have never come in contact, we routinely have our hemp tested by a third party for potency and the presence of any toxins/pesticides. You can see the results on the certificate of analysis found on our website.

Do Hemp Treats help with anxiety?

We have had many pet owners report success in using Hemp for anxiety. Check out this article for more information.


Can Hemp Treats treat cancer?

Unfortunately, because this is a supplement we're not allowed to make medical claims regarding its use as a treatment or cure. However, the reason we first started using Hemp was for two pups that inspired the foundation of this company and struggled with cancer.

We used phytocannabinoids to help improve their appetite and pain management that resulted both from the cancer and chemotherapy.

Are Hemp Treats safe to use with pregnant pets?

There is currently no specific issues regarding using Hemp Treats with pregnant pets. However, we must always advise that you consult your veterinarian before starting or stopping any medication or supplement with pregnant pets. As well, while an issue has never been seen, there is a lack of studies on this topic.

Hemp directly increases natural levels of anandamide, which has been directly linked to pregnancy chances. Having anandamide levels that are either too high or low can decrease the chances of pregnancy.

Do Hemp Treats help with arthritis? What about seizures?

One of the biggest reasons we've seen people give their pets hemp treats is for that reason alone. Just check out the comment section!

Ongoing research has shown that phytocannabinoids can act as unique anticonvulsants that can help maintain the body maintain normalcy even with rare and unmanageable conditions of epilepsy. In fact, these rare forms of epilepsy inspired the creation of hemp oil.

However, pharmaceutical anticonvulsants have been seen to interact with Hemp, and hemp may raise their potency. It is strongly recommended to talk to your veterinarian first, so they can monitor this interaction.

Are Hemp Treats safe to take long term?

All available evidence indicates that long-term use of Hemp Treats causes no long-term side effects. However, Hemp has only truly been available for pets for the last few years, so there is of course still time to find an issue. However, phytocannabinoids work naturally in the body because they act like self-created cannabinoids — they can increase their concentrations, as well as attach to the same receptors.

Except for THC, which isn't in hemp, this appears to cause no long-term issues — THC binds stronger to receptors compared to self-created cannabinoids.

The Innovet Promise

The Innovet Difference

In the summer of 2016, PurHemp was inspired by our love for our Black Labrador Maximus and our Bulldog Gordo. It is 100% because of them that we discovered the power of Hemp. Unfortunately we made this discovery too late because of government trying to suppress hemp and corporations trying to exploit hemp extract. Here at Innovet Pet Products our reaction was to make it our mission to make the highest quality hemp extract available to the public at a fair price. Today in 2020, we believe that every bottle filled and every dog saved are the best testament to their legacy. To honor the legacy of Maximus & Gordo, we at Innovet pet Products make the following promises to you and your dog:

  1. We will always be the industry leader in fair prices
  2. We will never compromise on quality
  3. We'll price match (full details here)
  4. We'll guarantee your satisfaction (full details here)
  5. We'll ship your order for free (full details here)
  6. We'll always provide full transparency with the most comprehensive COA's
  7. We'll always provide up to date dosing information as new clinical studies emerge

We promise to always have you and your pet's best interests in mind. That means providing high-quality, affordable, and innovative solutions that make your life easier and your pet's life happier.

The Innovet Promise

We promise to always have you and your pet's best interests in mind. That means providing high-quality, affordable, and innovative solutions that make your life easier and your pet's life happier.

Our dedicated in-house team based in Gardena, Ca works hard to design products that put personalized healthcare in your hands. If they aren't doing that, why should we even bother? That's why If you aren't 100% satisfied with any item, we promise a full refund. Like we said, we have your best interests in mind.

A world without our furry loved ones is one we can't imagine, and we owe them so much.That's why, when you purchase anything from us, you're also donating to The Humane Society, Carson Animal Shelter, and Wags & Walks Adoption Center. We believe that together we can make the world a better place for all pets!

The Innovet Story

Ever since the Nixon administration, hemp had been restricted due to its relation to marijuana. The war on drugs had been declared the law of the land. Sadly, it restricted access to one of the most healthful plants on the planet.

Thankfully, ever since December of 2018, a new Farm Bill was signed that eased the restrictive label on hemp products, opening the door to people being able to once again use hemp products.

Research studies are continuing to shed light on the fact that hemp may have the ability to reduce many symptoms of chronic health conditions by stimulating the Endocannabinoid System, which all mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles have.

This means that when taken, Hemp Dog Treats can be a wonderful addition for your dog. They love the Steak and Cheese flavor. This product was initially developed to help Gordo. May he rest in peace, Gordo was plagued with issues that bulldogs could be prone to; things like itching skin and sores that would develop in his wrinkles. He later developed cancer that required treatment as well.

Gordo ultimately lost his life to cancer and there's not a day that we here, at Innovet don't miss him and feel his presence.

Hemp differs in chemical composition from marijuana. When it comes to THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, marijuana has very high concentrations while hemp has almost zero -- less than .03%.

Hemp extract is far greater than in marijuana, however. This means that hemp has many useful purposes without the head high.

THC is toxic to dogs. Their body can't metabolize it out of their system as fast as ours does and it builds to dangerous levels for them. Hemp products, on the other hand, won't bother them at all and are good for them.

Hemp is natural and is not addictive nor is it dangerous.

The hemp dog treats were initially created because of Gordo. Knowing that a dog his size needed a more convenient method of delivery for hemp oil, Dave and Matt realized that dog treats with hemp incorporated within it would be so much easier, especially when on the go. They could be taken along on any outing and make administering the hemp easy and simple.

The guys knew it would be perfect for any dog like Gordo but then they realized that their sweet little chihuahua, Pearl, would not be able to benefit because she had very brittle teeth and could only eat soft foods. She couldn't even eat the tiniest pieces of dry kibble anymore. They wanted something that Pearl could enjoy and also be able to take doses of hemp extract that would help her discomfort with her teeth and also supplement her health as she aged. Everyone knew that products for a small dog like Pearl meant that they had to be soft and chewy treats. Hemp Soft Chews for Dogs were born as a result of this realization.