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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Advanced Probiotic Chews [NOW AVAILABLE!] - | Innovet Pet
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Advanced Probiotic Chews [NOW AVAILABLE!] - | Innovet Pet
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Advanced Probiotic Chews [NOW AVAILABLE!] - | Innovet Pet
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Advanced Probiotic Chews [NOW AVAILABLE!] - | Innovet Pet

Advanced Probiotic Support Chews

Probiotics for Dogs

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All Natural Ingredients

3rd Party Lab Tested

Inspired by: Gordo and Maximus

Duck and Sweet Potato Flavor

Veterinarian Recommended

What are Probiotic Chews?

What are Probiotic Chews?

Probiotic Chews are bite sized supplements that are designed to help your dog's gut work more effectively. Unfortunately, a lot of dog kibbles and dog foods out there are not developed with your specific pup’s breed in mind, which is why a lot of generic foods lack the nutrition your pet truly needs. How can we expect our dogs to live their best life when we can’t supply them with the resources they need to succeed.

Probiotics for dogs are very often an underlooked aspect of our pet’s health. The bacteria in the gut is created by the foods they eat so if they are not eating nutritiously their gut is not going to be functioning properly which affects our pups greatly. The stomach has a tremendous amount of nerve cells which is why people say to go with your gut instinct, you can feel a lot from your stomach. So if our gut is not doing well we do not feel well, which is why we created these Probiotic Chews.

Probiotics for dogs chews are designed to supplement your dog's stomach with additional nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help create a healthy gut and overall health. Concluding that the benefits of probiotics well present themselves in multiple ways such as improved energy levels and a better mood.  We know this truth; when we have a healthy gut, we feel good. This is no different for our own pets; if a dog's gut feels good, they are full of life and energy.

  • Promotes Balanced Gut Health
  • Contains Anti-Inflammatories and Prebiotics
  • All Natural & Non-GMO Formula
  • Fiber Supplements for Improved Digestion with enzymes

The Best Quality Guaranteed

Probiotic Blend

Our custom veterinarian-approved probiotics for dogs helps support uncomfortable and poor digestion which makes it hard for the body to absorb nutrients. This results in gas, diarrhea, mineral & vitamin deficiencies, and overall poor health. Contains 3 Billion CFU known to support a dog's gut health that’s crucial to the digestive system, immune system and overall health. This will also lead to a boost in your dog’s mental health. This should be a primary addition to a dog's diet!

Organic Hemp Seed Oil

This organic oil provides a surplus of omega fatty acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals that can help support the normal healthy structure of their gastrointestinal system. Gut inflammation can cause irritable bowel movements, pain, and declining health. It Contains an extremely desirable ratio of Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids and helps keep the skin & coat healthy. It also helps with supporting the cardiovascular system and is an excellent source of calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

Sweet Potato

A taste dogs love, and it’s a delightful source of fiber and digestive enzymes that help ease constipation and support a healthy bacteria culture with its prebiotic nutrients. Supplies all the nourishing good bacteria needed for the balance of a thriving culture of beneficial bacteria in the gut. An Excellent source of fiber that benefits both your dog’s intestinal tract and the bacteria found there Adds a flavor to the Chews that dogs simply can’t get enough of.


Pumpkin helps fill any fiber and prebiotic gaps missing in sweet potato, and together, they become the ultimate prebiotic and digestive enzyme booster, supporting both your dog and their gut microbiome. Rich in beneficial antioxidants that lessen the risk of chronic illnesses. Loaded with Vitamin A, Zeaxanthin, and Lutein that support eyesight .An extremely nutritious source of several vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. A perfect addition to Probiotics for dogs!

Organic Hemp Extract

A superior aid for supporting the regulation of a dogs mental health, immune system and gastrointestinal system. May help calm occasional nausea and relieve both constipation and diarrhea. hemp is known as the best superfood of the 21st century. It Calms inflammation in the intestinal tract that causes poor and irritable bowel movements. Supports a dog's digestive tract and regulates gut health. hemp will also keep your dog mentally calm which as we know, stress and anxiety can also affect Gut health, so this is another overall healthy additive perfect in probiotics for dogs supplements.

The Innovet Difference

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All Natural & Non-GMO

Digestive Enzymes

Fiber Supplement


Probiotics and Prebiotics

How Can Probiotic Chews Help my Dog?

How Can Probiotic Chews Help my Dog?

All Natural Probiotic and Prebiotic Ingredients

Inside each Advanced Probiotic Chew, you’ll find a custom veterinarian-approved probiotics blend designed to aid in digestion and overall gut health. There’s also organic hemp seed oil, sweet potato for fiber and digestive enzymes, pumpkin to fill in any prebiotic gaps, and organic hemp extract to regulate the gastrointestinal system.

Stomach Bacteria balance

This blend of Probiotics is designed to keep your dog's digestive system in balance. Their bodies are designed to effectively process what they consume, but for those who are consuming kibble or plain dry dog food, they are not receiving the essential nutrients  that dog's need. They can supplement the unbalanced diet with these probiotics. This probiotic for dogs will give them the necessary nutrients that they need to get their body operating the way it should naturally.

How Do Probiotic Chews for Dogs Work?

How Do Probiotic Chews for Dogs Work?

Premium Nutrients that promote a Balanced Gut

Our probiotic chews work by implementing the most high quality ingredients that are bioavailable for your dog to maintain their digestive tract functioning. As we mentioned above, their bodies were designed to function properly but with a lack of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals their system will have a difficult time to find optimal operation. When we supplement their diet with these chews we are adding key ingredients that allow for their bodies to do what it designed to do.

Omega Fatty acids and Fiber

The probiotics for dogs chew includes Organic Hemp Seed Oil which provides them with omega fatty acids and fiber to support a healthy gastrointestinal system. Sweet Potatoes are added because dogs love them and it brings them a very delightful source of fiber and digestive enzymes to promote a balanced culture of beneficial bacteria. Pumpkin can also be found in our formula as it is loaded with prebiotic fibers and enzyme boosters. Each of these foods are soothing on the stomach and very tasty for dogs to enjoy. Another added positive aspect is that both Pumpkin and sweet potatoes both carry prebiotic benefits which means they will also promote more natural probiotics within the gut.


We also added Organic Hemp Extract or hemp just as is found in our Purhemp Oil for Dogs as it uses the endocannabinoid system to promote regularization of the digestive system. hemp promotes the endocannabinoid receptors throughout the entire body so it will also relieve mental issues, support the immune system and regulate inflammation throughout your dogs body. This addition is the key behind overall health improvement.


Lastly we add a blend of probiotic supplements that is jam packed to help with poor digestion. With the addition of 3 billion strains of beneficial bacteria including; lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus casei and bifidobacterium among many other beneficial strains. This makes our chew one of the best probiotics for dogs helping owners and dogs enjoy long term health benefits.

Are Probiotic Chews Safe for My Dog?

Are Probiotic Chews Safe for My Dog?

The formulation of our Probiotics for dogs are not only tasty treats, they are extremely safe and natural as well. When we developed our chews we did it from scratch, beginning with research on which ingredients are safe and effective for dogs. This is how we find the most nutritious, bioavailable, ingredients to implement into our formulas. We have the increased advantage that we develop and manufacture everything here from scratch in our own warehouse.

The ingredients that we choose are not only gold standard, they are also premium sourced so that you can be confident in receiving a top shelf product every time, 100% guaranteed. We make sure that the product is tested by Third Party Laboratories so there is never any bias and the quality is always verified and certified. The safety of your dog is of the utmost importance to us and we will only develop and promote products that meet the highest standards. We create these products for our own pets from the start so we want nothing less than the best for you to give your dog.

How Many Probiotic Chews Should I Give My Dog?

How Many Probiotic Chews Should I Give My Dog?

The amount of dog probiotics you should give your pup will depend on their weight. Dogs up to 35 pounds should take two chews daily. Dogs between 35 and 75 pounds can take three chews daily. If your dog weighs over 75 pounds, it can enjoy four chews per day.

These are the suggested daily doses, however, your dog can take more if needed. 30-lb dogs can take five chews every 6-8 hours for an average dose or 15 chews every 6-8 hours for a strong dose. 70-lb dogs can take ten chews every 6-8 hours for an average dose or 35 chews every 6-8 hours for a strong dose. 100-lb dogs can take 20 chews every 6-8 hours for an average dose or 55 chews every 6-8 hours for a strong dose.

See the dosing section for more details as well as the chart on each container. Each chew contains 1 mg of hemp extract per chew.

Why is Probiotic Health for Dogs so Important?

Why is Probiotic Health for Dogs so Important?

When your pup is on a regular routine that includes Innovet Pet’s Probiotics for dogs Chews, they’ll enjoy smoother digestion and less uncomfortable symptoms like gas, diarrhea, and mineral/vitamin deficiencies and overall harmful bacteria.

The digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics support optimal gut function and intestinal health. Omega-3 fatty acids support a healthy, shiny coat and skin and the organic hemp extract can calm nausea while relieving constipation. lastly, as mentioned earlier, the gut is considered the second brain and it's been shown that a healthy gut leads to a health mind and pretty much all other systems in the body. We want to keep our dogs as happy as possible for their entire lives so it's important to keep a healthy balanced between their mind and body. We believe that keeping the gut in a healthy balanced state will also keep the mind in a healthy balanced state all with the result of a happy, healthy life!


Weight Average (Every 6-8 hours) Strong (Every 6-8 hours) Maximum per Day
5lbs 2kgs 0 chew (0mg) 0 chew (0mg) 10 chews (10mg)
10lbs 4.5kgs 0 chew (0mg) 5 chews (5mg) 20 chews (20mg)
20lbs 9kgs 0 chew (0mg) 10 chews (10mg) 45 chews (45mg)
30lbs 13.5kgs 5 chews (5mg) 15 chews (15mg) 65 chews (65mg)
40lbs 18kgs 5 chews (5mg) 20 chews (20mg) 90 chews (90mg)
50lbs 22.5kgs 10 chews (10mg) 25 chews (25mg) 110 chews (110mg)
60lbs 27kgs 10 chews (10mg) 30 chews (30mg) 135 chews (135mg)
70lbs 32kgs 10 chews (10mg) 35 chews (35mg) 155 chews (155mg)
80lbs 36.5kgs 15 chews (15mg) 45 chews (45mg) 180 chews (180mg)
90lbs 41kgs 15 chews (15mg) 50 chews (50mg) 200 chews (200mg)
100lbs 45.5kgs 20 chews (20mg) 55 chews (55mg) 225 chews (225mg)

90mg of hemp per bottle

90 chews per bottle

1 chew contains 1mg of hemp

8 chews contain 8mg of hemp

24 chews contain 24mg of hemp

90mg of hemp per bottle

90 chews per bottle

1 chew contains 1mg of hemp

8 chews contain 8mg of hemp

24 chews contain 24mg of hemp

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Innovet Pet's Advanced Probiotic Chews Different From Other Products?

Innovet’s dog probiotics are different in that they are made with all-natural ingredients, are always third party lab tested, and are inspired by our very own pets at home. They also contain more beneficial ingredients for dogs than other brands on the market. Organic supplements like hemp seed powder, inulin, lecithin, and organic hemp extract add multiple health benefits. The chews are a pumpkin and sweet potato flavor which makes them a favorite for all pets. We are confident that you will give your dog a premium product at a competitive price!

Are These Made In The USA?

Yes! The only thing that doesn’t come from the United States is the bottle our chews come in. Because of this, By law, we must label our products as “assembled in the USA” rather than “made in the USA.” That aside, we do have our own warehouse where we formulate our hemp oil and all of our Pet health care products. We pride ourselves on making sure we are only using food and ingredients that come from America.

What’s in Innovet Pet’s Advanced Probiotic Chews?

In all the dogs probiotics, you’ll find a custom veterinarian approved strain blend of active cultures designed to aid in digestion and support overall gut health. There’s also organic hemp seed oil, sweet potato for fiber and digestive enzymes, pumpkin to fill in any prebiotic gaps, and organic hemp extract to regulate the gastrointestinal system and other regulatory systems in your dog's body.

At What Age Can My Dog Start Using These?

It’s safe to use these probiotic chews on any dog that is 12 weeks or older. If you have a dog under 12 weeks old, you should always consult with your veterinarian before using any sort of botanical supplements. Dogs at this age are still developing and you should keep them on food and any supplements that are meant for the puppy stage of life.

How Often Can I Give These to My Dog?

You should give these chews to your pet daily. Most people will give them to their dog every 6-8 hours. Be careful not to exceed the maximum dosage listed in the description.

Are The Probiotic Chews Safe For Cats?

These products have not been tested on cats. You should talk to your veterinarian before giving your cat any botanical supplement.

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