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Advanced Multivitamin Support Chews

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Inspired by: Gordo and Maximus

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100% Organic

Insatiable Salmon Flavor


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What are Multivitamin Chews?

What are Multivitamin Chews?

Daily Health and Up-Keep

Multivitamins for Dogs allow for us to take health & nutrition back into our own hands! Many of the store bought dog food and treats are not giving our pets the necessary vitamins and minerals that they need to grow strong and stay healthy, even if they are tailored to their specific size or breed. This is why we have developed our Advanced Multivitamin Chews!

Give your dog a multivitamin supplement to ensure they are getting all the vitamins and minerals they need. The signs of vitamin and mineral deficiencies often show little to no symptoms at first which can be very misleading. Often when we do start seeing the signs and damage in multiple areas have already begun. Our dog multivitamins can help their bodies run more efficiently by allowing them to have all the resources that it needs in order to do what it does best.

  • Improved Vitamin and Mineral Balance
  • Healthier Skin and Coat
  • Immune System Regulation
  • Improved Joint & Heart Health


The Best Quality Guaranteed


Hemp takes multivitamins for dogs to the next level. It improves the function of the endocannabinoid system which plays a major role in the body. This system is continuously studied for its effects on inflammation, regulatory health, anti-anxiety, and much more! The endocannabinoid system can help maintain the regulatory health of different bodily systems such as the immune, nervous, and digestive system. If proven through its scientific research it may improve both short and long-term health dogs need on a cellular level to stay complete and balanced.


Omega 3s EPA and DHA are all the rage these days. Research is showing that there is no better source of omegas than krill oil. A great ratio and source of Omega 3-6-9 that your dog can actually absorb More stable, absorbable, and less fishy smell omega 3s vs. salmon oil for dogs. This is an outstanding addition to dog vitamins.


Glucosamine is a building block of cartilage and is the one essential mineral that only occurs in the shells of shellfish. Glucosamine for dogs can contribute to the health of their tendons, cartilage, and joints. Dogs deficient in glucosamine may find themselves prone to tearing ligaments and cartilage deterioration. Glucosamine in vitamins lubricates and restores the joints from daily wear-and-tear for your canine companion.


Cells use this natural antioxidant for growth and maintenance, but with age, levels can drop leading to conditions such as heart disease, cognitive loss, and accelerated aging. By adding CoQ10 it can maintain cells functionality by providing energy to the cells. It pairs well with omega 3s for a more complete cell function and nutritional needs.


Helps with a variety of conditions including digestion, heart health, lower cholesterol, lactation, and Skin & Coat health. Protects against age related memory and cognition reduction. Also has fat burning and emulsifying properties that promote healthy weight. Helps protect the liver for enhanced metabolic process that your dog needs.

The Innovet Difference

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Daily Multivitamin 6-In-1 Soft Chews:

Soft Chews are an all-in-one multivitamin for dogs, giving them the support they need to maintain coat, skin, digestive, joint, heart, and immune health they deserve with an array of carefully selected all-natural and veterinarian-approved vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

The Highest-Quality Ingredients:

We made it our mission to select the highest-quality ingredients packed with a range of benefits while ensuring our environmental footprint is as small as possible. Assembled in the USA, BPA-free packaging, no artificial preservatives, pesticides, or other harsh chemicals in sight.

Great Taste & High Nutritional Support:

Our bacon-flavored multivitamin dog treats will have your dog drooling and you wishing your own multivitamin were as delicious. With an irresistible flavor, there is no way your dog will miss any of their essential vitamins and minerals. Grain-free and light in calories so you won’t need to adjust their regular dog food.

Dogs of All Ages And Sizes:

All dogs can see amazing improvements in their health with a daily multivitamin, especially young and senior dogs due to their increased nutritional demand. Missing out on essential minerals and vitamins at these stages can cause so many issues. That’s why our 6-in-1 multivitamin is formulated to provide all-in-one support for dogs of all ages and sizes.

How A Daily Multivitamin Can Completely Change Your Dog’s Health:

Giving your dog a multivitamin to ensure they are getting all the support and nutrients they need is just a good idea. Signs of mineral and vitamin deficiencies often show little to no symptoms at first. Often when you start seeing the signs, extensive damage in multiple areas has already occurred. Our multivitamin dog chews can help their bodies run more efficiently by allowing them to have all the resources it needs to do what it does best.

How Can Multivitamin Chews Help my Dog?

How Can Multivitamin Chews Help my Dog?

Nutrients and important antioxidants

Dogs need multivitamins to provide generous amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. The reason we created the specific formula that we did, is because the ingredients create an immense impact on our dogs. We’d like to highlight supplements glucosamine, coq10, krill oil, lecithin, and organic hemp because of the immense benefits they provide our pets with.

Overall Health Benefits

By providing them with these additional resources their bodies can naturally produce a radiant coat, Mobility Support, Improved Cognition, Heart and Immune Strength, and Improve Digestion. This is not through magic but through science, when resources aren't available the body will deteriorate. By giving them these key elements, they will be able to maintain their health from the inside out!

Backed by Scientific Data and Research

Each of these ingredients are chosen with meticulous care and are premium ingredients that are available in the market. We do not believe in cutting corners because these were developed for our own pets and we understand how important it is to choose only the best. When looking to improve your dog's vitamin and mineral balance, remember to only go with the best possible ingredients so that it will give them the most effective impact.

How Do Multivitamin Chews for Dogs Work?

How Do Multivitamin Chews for Dogs Work?

Premium Ingredients

Inside each Advanced Multivitamin Soft Chew, you’ll find five key ingredients that combine to offer a maximum benefit to your pet’s health. Each of these ingredients has a specific purpose and reaction that helps your dog in multiple ways. These five key ingredients generally provide all around vitamins and minerals for a balanced body. With these ingredients working together they act as a great dog vitamin supplement.

The 5 key ingredients in our multivitamin chews are made from a simple combination of organic hemp, krill oil, glucosamine, CoQ10, and Lecithin. These ingredients contain the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your dog needs to support its immune system, manage inflammation, reduce anxiety, improve cartilage and joint health, digestive help, and improve its skin and coat.

Krill Oil provides omega fatty acids that are necessary in any diet. Glucosamine provides joint support as it lubricates and restores joint function. CoQ10 is a natural antioxidant that helps cellular function. Lecithin aids with many parts of the body like digestion, heart health, and skin. Lastly, hemp takes dog multivitamins to the next level by improving the endocannabinoid system which allows all other systems to communicate and function properly.

Are Multivitamin Chews Safe for My Dog?

Are Multivitamin Chews Safe for My Dog?

Tested and Trialed for Safety and Purity

Our dog multivitamins are 100% safe for pet consumption. They are formulated with only the best ingredients available to us in the market and we chose them specifically for their effectiveness and safety. Just to add an extra sense of security for you and your pup, we always have our products Third Party Lab tested in order to ensure its quality and safety. So when it comes to our Advanced Multivitamin Chews you can have 100% confidence that your pup will be safe and get all the vitamins and minerals they need!

What Customers Say
Great Product!
Our three oldest dogs all use this and love it. One is extra fussy and gobbles them up. Will be buying again!
How Much Multivitamin Chews Should I Give My Dog?

How Much Multivitamin Chews Should I Give My Dog?

The amount of Multivitamin Soft Chews that it is appropriate to feed to an individual dog will depend on that dog's weight. For easy reference, there is a chart on our website and each container detailing how many chews are appropriate for dogs at specific weight increments. As a general rule of thumb, smaller dogs should have no more than 10 or 20 chews in a 24 hour period, while larger dogs may be permitted up to even 100 chews in a day depending on their weight.

Why is Multivitamin Support Important for My Dog?

Why is Multivitamin Support Important for My Dog?

Supplementing daily multivitamins in your dog's diet will help your dog fight the effects of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. By supporting your dog with the necessary nutrients it needs for a healthy body, you are helping them enjoy benefits such as:

  • Improved Digestive Function
  • Healthier Skin
  • Improved Cognition
  • Increased Mobility
  • Optimal Heart Health
  • Immunity Strength
  • Improved Cartilage and Joint Lubrication

These benefits improve the Life of your dog and their overall well-being dramatically. Some of the individual manifestations of nutrient deficiency can be hard to notice, but they definitely have a negative effect on your dog's health. It's important to help them prevent these ailments with the best dog vitamins to enhance their nutritional needs.


Weight Average (Every 6-8 hours) Strong (Every 6-8 hours) Maximum Per Day
5lbs 2kgs 0 chew (0mg) 0 chew (0mg) 10 chews (10mg)
10lbs 4.5kgs 0 chew (0mg) 5 chews (5mg) 20 chews (20mg)
20lbs 9kgs 0 chew (0mg) 10 chew (10mg) 45 chews (45mg)
30lbs 13.5kgs 5 chews (5mg) 15 chews (15mg) 65 chews (65mg)
40lbs 18kgs 5 chews (5mg) 20 chews (20mg) 90 chews (90mg)
50lbs 22.5kgs 10 chews (10mg) 25 chews (25mg) 110 chews (110mg)
60lbs 27kgs 10 chews (10mg) 30 chews (30mg) 135 chews (135mg)
70lbs 32kgs 10 chews (10mg) 35 chews (35mg) 155 chews (155mg)
80lbs 36.5kgs 15 chews (15mg) 45 chews (45mg) 180 chews (180mg)
90lbs 41kgs 15 chews (15mg) 50 chews (50mg) 200 chews (200mg)
100lbs 45.5kgs 20 chews (20mg) 55 chews (55mg) 225 chews (2250mg)

90mg of hemp per bottle

90 chews per bottle

1 chew contains 1mg of hemp

8 chews contains 8mg of hemp

24 chews contains 24mg of hemp

90mg of hemp per bottle

90 chews per bottle

1 chew contains 1mg of hemp

8 chews contains 8mg of hemp

24 chews contains 24mg of hemp

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes InnovetPet’s Advanced Multivitamin Soft Chews Different from Other Products?

Our  Soft Chews out perform any of our competitor's products simply by the quality of the ingredients alone. We only use all-natural ingredients and you will be confident they are top shelf sourced. Additionally, our Advanced Multivitamin Soft Chews are a 6-in-1 combo, so you can help support your dog's health in a variety of ways with only one treat! You would have to buy multiple products from our competitors to offer the same amount of nutrients that we can give you with just one! Combine these premium ingredients with competitive price and you’ve found the perfect multivitamin for your pup.

Buy No. 1 rated Multivitamin for dogs that's both affordable and easily accessible.
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