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Why Dogs Have Bad Breath And 5 Quick Fixes

dog with bad breath

He’s so cute but stinks so much!

Laying in bed with your furry best friend is AWESOME! But being woken up by a nasty stench isn’t.

We all want to be able to get close to our pets! There’s nothing better than playing with him on the weekends. He is PERFECT to lay on the couch with after getting home from a long day at work. Bad breath shouldn’t get in the way of that.

It gets even worse when he gets scraps from the table! Depending on what he’s had his breath can be completely unbearable.

And let's face it:

Sometimes our dogs do gross things! One of my puppies had a bad habit of searching around in the cat’s litter box and sometimes even eating his own poop! Now and then he still goes for a drink from the toilet. These are just some examples of a few different bad dog breath reasons.

We love them to death --- but don’t want those things on our lips.

Why do dogs have breath, is it serious, and is there an easy fix?

bad breath

To figure out why dogs have bad breath I talked to my Veterinarian. I wanted to know what caused it and how to fix it.

It turns out several different things can lead to bad dog breath. Bad dog breath causes aren’t as simple as we thought.

As my vet explained to me:

Bad dog breath actually comes from dangerous bacteria that lives and grows in your pet’s mouth. It causes tooth decay, gum infections, and all types of periodontal diseases. So getting rid of bad breath actually improves your dog’s ALL AROUND health!

So now we have an EVEN BETTER reason to get rid of bad breath!

No stink for us and better health for our furry best friend. He also mentioned that:

Bad breath is the TOP sign of gum diseases in dogs.


The bad smell is being created by colonies of bacteria living in your puppy’s mouth. The longer they live there untreated, the more damage they do. Bad breath turns into gum disease, which can lead to teeth pulls.

My vet said that if you wait too long, the bacteria can end up spreading to the rest of your dog’s body. It enters the bloodstream, where it can infect vital organs. If we don't take care of our pets’ dental health, they could end up getting liver disease, heart disease, or kidney failure.

The mouth is the biggest entry point into your dog’s body. It can become a BREEDING GROUND for bacteria if you don’t care for it correctly. Proper dental and oral hygiene can yield HUGE results in your pet’s across the board health.

Bad breath is the only way YOU can watch his periodontal health.

You can’t visit the Vet every week, and your dog definitely can’t tell you he’s in pain! So take advantage of bad breath as a warning sign that can be quickly fixed.

5 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Dog Breath Naturally


Dogs don’t like them just because they are tasty! A strong bone lets your dog clean his teeth all by himself. They are great for dental health and keep your pet happy.

Your best option is the classic nylabone. A great alternative are chewy beef snacks called bully sticks. It’s best to stay away from real bones because of how easy they splinter. Chewy toys will work just as well.


meat only diet

Carbs are especially unhealthy for dogs. They get trapped in his teeth easily. Grains and sugars are the best bacteria food out there. The more bacteria reproduces, the more it weakens his gum and teeth.

The easiest way to remove carbs from his diet is by making sure his food is grain and additive free. Cut them out of your dog’s diet, and the bad bacteria won’t have anything to feed on! Try our feed.

You can also consider giving him a MEAT ONLY diet. It’s awesome for him because you are giving him the same thing he had as a hunter thousands of years ago. Pets that eat a completely raw diet almost ALWAYS have better breath and less teeth problems.

Less processed foods means easier digestion and less carbs for bacteria to feed on. Dry pet food DOES NOT remove plaque and help the teeth -- it’s just a popular myth.

And the texture of raw meat actually scrapes food and plaque off your dog's teeth! The repeating motion of chewing rubs the meat against the tooth and gum keeping infections away.

The meat’s nutrition keeps his body strong, and the raw meat’s surface does wonder for his teeth.

If you go down the all the meat route, make sure to throw in some our dietary supplement to give him a nutritional boost.


bathroom door

Every time your dog is getting a drink from the toilet, he’s putting bacteria in his body. Close the door and he won’t be able to get to the toilet. If he can open doors make sure to close the lid too!

Just put a toddler lock on it or anything too heavy for him to move.



Yeah -- your pet is going to hate it the first time you do it!

Regular dog teeth brushing STILL does wonders for dental care. We brush our teeth daily, so why shouldn’t they? Do it regularly, and throw in a treat. After a few your pup won’t mind it at all!

Make sure you are using products that are specially designed for dogs.


brath spray

A professional dog breath spray gives you quick easy care.

You will spend a lot less time than brushing him, and won’t get all that stink in your face! Just spray it into your puppy’s mouth once or twice a day, and it’ll do the rest. It kills existing bacteria and stops it from building up again.

We recommend our PurBreath spray. It’s made of completely natural ingredients and comes in dog-friendly flavors.

Order Purbreath® Here!

A New Study confirmed what my Vet told me:

Dr. Glickman at Purdue University“Our data show a clear statistical link between gum disease and heart disease in dogs. For many candidates for heart disease, you’re not talking about a single cause. But it clearly speaks to more emphasis on dental care.”

Dr. Glickman at Purdue University

The more you care for his gums, the better his overall health is.

Now THAT'S a good reason to get rid of bad breath!

Don’t let bacteria grow and become even more established in his mouth. All our products are completely natural. Don’t give your pet a dangerous foreign product when you give him a natural product that WORKS.

We designed Purbreath for our dog Maximus so we know it KILLS bad breath. We’re proud enough of to offer you a 100% 30 day full money-back guarantee.

Just try it.

If it somehow doesn’t satisfy you, or doesn’t help your dog, return with no hassle. We won’t ask any questions, or make the process hard. You’ll receive an immediate FULL refund.

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