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The Dog Dental Cleaning Risks Vets DON’T Want You to Know

Caring for dog teeth is MUCH more complicated than it is for us humans

We go to veterinarians because they have the experience we don’t. Caring for dog teeth is MUCH more complicated than it is for us humans.

That doesn’t mean what they do to our dog is always healthy!

To correctly clean his teeth, he has to be put under general anesthesia -- no matter his age, race, or size. It’s the only way they can fully reach every part of his mouth.

The Truth Is: Thousands of Dogs Don’t Wake Up

It might sound harmless, but anesthesia can have horrific side effects.

The whole procedure is simple, but no veterinarian can know what’s going to happen when they use anesthesia. Just a few extra drops of medicine can lead to the early death of your best friend.

This is why your best bet is to completely AVOID the professional dental cleanings. This means your pet is SAFE from anesthetic side effects. A daily routine will be just as good for his dental health.

Don’t Waste Your Time On Complicated Solutions

Without the right tools, cleaning your dog’s mouth can take forever. He’ll destroy any brush you give him. Use your finger, and it can end up horribly for both of you.

Until now, mouth cleanings have taken huge amounts of time and been unsafe for dog owners. No matter how well trained he is -- it’s just uncomfortable for a brush to be in his mouth.

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Regular Home Dental Care Lets You Visit The Vet LESS

Dog brushing teeth

Home dental care is important because it’s REGULAR. A lot of the causes of bad breaths and serious conditions always come from being untreated for long periods of time.

Home care also reduces the amount of cleanings your dog will need. Remember that those cleaning are expensive and dangerous. Less cleaning means less risk for your furry best friend!

Just Imagine you only brushed your teeth when you went to the dentist.

You’ve trained yourself and your entire family to make dental care just a natural part of your daily routine. It Is essential for your dental health, and has you feeling and smelling good as you go about your day.

New studies have shown that daily dental dog cleanings are JUST as important.

Don’t let bacteria grow and become even more established in his mouth. All our products are completely natural. Don’t give your pet a dangerous foreign product when you give him a natural product that WORKS.

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