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About Us

We love pets. Like, REALLY love pets. Our products are born from our passion: making healthcare products easily accessible, affordable, and easy-to-use for any pet owner and ANY pet.


Just like people, every pet has his own unique personality. We’re aware that some can be, shall we say, harder to train than others. Our mission from the beginning has been to create health and wellness items specifically tailored for animals that are hard to medicate. From the puppy with an affinity for getting into literally everything he shouldn’t (which would be ALL puppies) to animals with special needs who need products tailored directly to them, we’ve taken the extra step to offer items you can feel good about using.


Founded by two college buddies, Matt Terrill & David Louvet, with degrees in Engineering and Bio-chemistry, every product we develop was inspired by our own pets and their unique needs. Our special dog, Maximus, was one of them: he turned blind by age 8, fought cancer TWICE, and lived to the ripe old age of 16. Maggie, the puppy who had an unhealthy obsession with chocolate (what lady doesn’t?), was another. We’ve tailored our product line to fit our own unique needs because we figured that if we need these products, other pet parents probably do too!


We’ve been committed to providing simple solutions for common pet ailments and complaints from the beginning. One of our core beliefs is that every dog or cat is an individual and requires personalized care. We’ve used our passion for pets to create innovative products like:

- Tracerz® scent marking system for blind dogs

- PurOtic® ear cleaning system for dogs and cats

- BioPel™ natural flea control for dogs and cats


Whether you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way to handle your dog’s, ahem, doo, or you’re looking for natural ways to ease your pet’s itch, we’ve got you covered.


Need something specific you don’t see here? We’ll customize our products to fit the needs of your pet, or even help develop brand new solutions to solve a specific problem. Hard-to-handle pet needs are our favorite!


Contact our team of professionals to discuss your specific needs.